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The Manifesto of the Dodo

The Manifesto of the Dodo

The manifesto of Dodo

One of the most life-changing science and yet, it is cut off from people

Biotechnologies have always been walking side by side with human development, from the ancient tannery, fermentation processes or selection of crop seeds to the most recent ramifications such as bioinformatics, genomics or synthetic biology. These new fields are among the most

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full of promises and they will most certainly change the face of the world in the decades to come. And yet, surprisingly they are completely cut off from the general public. They will change people relation to health, to energy, to education, to all the most important

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aspects of life and yet people at best misunderstand them, at worst are afraid of them. What went wrong? How come the natural stakeholders of biotech are so cut off from them?

This is the first problem.

One of the most revolutionary science and yet, it suffers from budget cuts

For a few years now, worldwide science has been suffering tough cuts in its budget. Most of the governments have been significantly downsizing budgets and private investors are extremely cautious and conservative: promising but high-risk projects such as biotech ones are suffering a huge problem of funding. Some potentially revolutionary projects go extinct for that reason alone.

This is the second problem.

How to make a solution of two problems: Dodo is alive!

Here at Dodo, we think that these two problems are in fact one, that they are two faces of the same coin. And if you put them side by side, the solution to both appears clearly: give back to citizens the power to decide and allows which projects they want to see existing in this world!

Provide them with this power and the bridge between science and society is rebuild.

Provide them with this power and you save promising projects from extinction.

Let the revived dodo be your guide to its new ecosystem: the brand new Life Science world

The usual saying about the extinction of the dodo was that he has been isolated for too long and thus unable to adapt to the change of its environment: our revived Dodo is aware of the world changes, it wants to connect science to people, to make them aware of this brand new biotech continent!

You might have heard that he was unable to fly too… well this one will make your projects take off the ground for sure!