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Crowdfunding Start-Up for biotechnology and life sciences projects chosen to be part of the global business accelerator program in Chile

Crowdfunding Start-Up for biotechnology  and life sciences projects chosen to be part of the global business accelerator program in Chile

Crowdfunding Start-Up for biotechnologies projects chosen to be part of the global business accelerator program in Chile

The crowdfunding Internet platform specialized in scientific research, DODO Biotech Crowdfunding is one of the Brazilian

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representatives for the 9th generation of Start-Up Chile.

The Brazilian Start-Up “DODO – Biotech Crowdfunding” has been chosen to be part of the global business accelerator program “Start-Up Chile”, one of the most competitive and prestigious program in the world. In addition to receiving a 40 000 US dollars funding from the Chilean government, the team, composed of professionals from the Beagle Bioinformatics and Contra Criativos companies, will stay six months in Chile to develop the product and accelerate the company, while preparing the launch of the website.

DODO is the first crowdfunding internet-based platform dedicated to research in biotechnology. By connecting people, institutions and companies to scientific projects, it redefines how people relate to science. The objective is to link the citizens to the scientific community and to achieve with small donations, important projects that would normally depend on big companies or organizations to get off the ground. “What we propose, explains Vinicius Maracaja-Coutinho, DODO’s founder, is to use Internet to democratize scientific research, any researcher can submit its project and obtain the funding from the real stakeholders of the development of science: the citizens”.

“Science has become something more and more collaborative, also points out DODO’s founder, this is the concept of Citizen Science- it allows various researchers, amateur or professional, and the society to collaborate on topics related to the large-scale research. The crowdfunding model was already used to finance cultural projects and various products: why not the scientific research?”

The crowdfunding platform has already various projects registered or under analysis before beginning the crowdfunding. Among them emphasis is placed on the genetic map of the cochineal, an insect widely used in the dye industry but which is decimating the prickly pear (Opuntia ficus indica), an important source of food for the cattle in the Northeast of Brazil.

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The study intents to conduct the gene sequencing of the animal to find intelligent ways to control the insect and thus, reducing the harm on local agriculture.

More than 1900 companies from all over the world and of various fields of study attended the Start-Up Chile selection. Among them, only 100 from 28 different countries were selected. Dodo’s team, composed of the Brazilians Vinicius Maracajá Coutinho, a bioinformatics specialist and scientist, Marcelo Cardoso Jardín, the IT specialist and Carlos Eduardo Goncalves, the designer will arrive in the chilean capital Santiago on the 5th of February 2014 to begin the program – which was launched at the iniative of CORFO, the Agency for economic development.

Start-Up Chile aims to attract high-potentials entrepreneurs and innovative companies with growth potential (the Start-Up) to launch their projects with Chile as a stepping stone to reach the rest of the world. In addition to the benefits from the development of new companies, the program builds a bridge between entrepreneurs from all over the world and the local ecosystem, making of the country the main point of convergence of

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technological innovation in Latin America.

Follow this link to have the complete listing of the selected Start-Ups :